People who choose minimalism as a lifestyle may face any number of doubters — these may be friends, colleagues, or parents. But what do you do when the biggest doubter of all is usually your biggest supporter? And the fact that you live together only complicates the issue… you share one space and so does your stuff. When my wife and I decided to become a minimalist , we agreed together to pursue this new lifestyle. But what should be done when your partner is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum — you are pursuing minimalism but your partner is a self-described hoarder or packrat. I have heard from a number of people who have taken steps to minimize their life, but in the process, they have become so frustrated with their partner that they have allowed strife and resentment to set in. Refuse to let that happen. You decided that you valued other things more than your possessions… like relationships with the people you love. Begin by purging your personal items. Start with your own stuff and minimize as much as you can without treading on shared territory.

When You’re a Minimalist But Your Partner Isn’t

As Americans, we have perfected the role of the consumer. We wait in long lines braving exposure to the elements to acquire the latest tech gadgets. We shop at flea markets, antique fairs, and even eBay to find collectibles, antiques, and memorabilia. We shop just for the sake of shopping.

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Sometimes the challenge with minimalism is not the actual stuff, but a loved one in your life who isn’t on board with your desire to switch to simplicity can’t we also say this about changing to a plant-based diet? As a “step 1”, it can be helpful for you and your clutterbug to understand why they clutter in the first place. Why do they hoard, collect, or otherwise find it difficult to “let go” and purge.

His brutal honesty is very helpful in understanding why someone might be a clutterbug and how they can overcome some of their feelings. This is probably the most important truth you need to accept. There is no reasoning with a packrat, at least not with your words. However, you can SHOW them the benefits which leads to them being persuaded on their own terms.

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It started with a bentwood rocking chair. I saw it on the sidewalk following a birthday lunch with my parents, perfect beside the giant hole in its caned seat, and convinced them to help me carry it the several blocks back to my apartment. My roommate Sean, who inherited his three whole pieces of bedroom furniture from the previous occupants of our apartment, had been quieter than usual.

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Good times with great people are a gift. When I reflect over the past year or so, my two favorite memories are of a Paul McCartney concert I attended with my son and running the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco with my love. True bliss. Living and loving in the present moment. I felt free, strong and hopeful. I treasure those feelings and connections more than any physical possession.

Perhaps I feel young at 50 because I am a late bloomer.

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Minimalism is a cool trend. I truly believe that minimalist living is something that Boomer women, especially, should look into. Many of us at this point are feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the large-to-huge collection of objects in our lives ranging from kitchenware to clothing to mementos that have no earthly value but that we cannot part with. Minimalism is embraced as much by the young, as evidenced by this entire website, TheMinimalists.

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Single for Life: A Very Minimalist Household

No Kindle device required. Download one of the Free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Anyone who has tried online dating knows the importance of first impressions.

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I guess I should preface this post with a disclaimer. Hobby farms aside, we have no intention of messing with our happy marriage. Well, not everyone is fortunate enough to meet their one and have them still be around two decades later. People get divorced, they grow apart, they get sick and die. Life happens. A number of our friends women in their 40s, 50s and 60s remain steadfastly single. Some happily so, others not as much.

Where on earth do you meet prospective mates? Will you still remember how to flirt? It can be a minefield if you let it. Humans need one another. It absolutely is.

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For many of us, we have developed a deeply intimate and toxic relationship with technology. Some people might also call this…. Although you may live by the code of minimalism in your personal life, anytime you deal with other people, things are…. Dating a minimalist woman sounded like a dream. After swiping left on a lineup of materialistic non-wifey types, finding a “low-maintenance”….

Explore a modern love story through direct messages, see how meeting up and dating works in todays modern life. Avoid red angry comments and collect as.

Oh Boy. I found your blog while looking up minimalism and hoped you could help. I want to support his decision and am looking for some advice. What should I give him for Christmas? Should I even get him anything? What about dates? Any advice or tips you can give would be a huge help! Thanks ladies! Great question, Kathy!

I feel your pain! Dating A Minimalist: Just put down the item now and walk away. When dating someone minimalist, tread carefully when giving a gift. They just take up space in my house — however I feel guilty about tossing these things. It can be a lose-lose situation.

Minimalism and Relationships

Minimal Meet is a casual jumping game. Your goal is to jump up through direct messages avoiding any red angry comments and collecting as many hearts as possible. Explore a modern love story through direct messages, see how meeting up and dating works in todays modern life.

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My Room Monday – Room pictures. Photo Friday – Minimal photography. Screenshot Saturday – Your digital life. When I started being a minimalist alot of the girls i brought home became discouraged ranging from mild annoyance to just straight up reluctance to go on further dates. If you have a story,advice or thoughts please share.

Seems like a weird reaction – I’ve always found that it’s basically free brownie points to be cleaner and more organized than just about anyone else from the usual dating pool. If the guy’s apartment is clean and not cluttered with junk he obviously hasn’t used in years I give him major brownie points.

When You’re a Pack Rat and Your Partner Is a Minimalist

My journey in the dating world began with a lot of resistance. Coming from a conservative culture where dating was uncommon and sometimes frowned upon, it took me a while to understand the reasoning and mechanics with regard to dating. As I developed my confidence and improved my skills yes, there are some essential skills that need to be acquired as we date , I realized that I was not meeting the quality of women that I really wanted to meet.

I was getting more numbers, more dates and more results but I was not content. I had to let go of certain women and was ghosted by others.

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And one aspect of my life continuously challenges these efforts: dating. Both my schedule and avenues for meeting people are severely restricted; at least, during academic semesters. Additionally, my budget is tight every month—deviations quickly lead to debt. It can be superficial and vapid, but also, reflective of in-person judgments. If both users swipe right — hallelujah! If there ever was a minimalist dating app, this is it.

Remarkably, my nerdy self matched up with a few people over the last couple months. What would I wear? My closest of clothing feels stale. How much would I share about being a frugal minimalist? I feel cheaper than cheap. How many of these dates could I even afford? Not many! These questions course through me like never before, and I oscillate between pride and embarrassment for this new way of life.

Minimalist Relationships