After their very unfortunate scandal together, it lead to them participating in a much awaited tv show, that not only forced them to take care of two adorable five-year-old boy and girl twins, but made them live as a married couple as well. Will Yunho be able to deal with Jaejoong, the biggest princess and diva of all of Korea? Will Jaejoong be able to cope with the very oblivious wannabe father whilst taking care of two kids? And will they both be able to deny their very obvious attraction to each other? Find out in this month’s season of Hello Baby. Chapter 9. To say Jaejoong was worried would be a complete understatement. He was fucking terrified at confronting Yunho about their relationship. He was in love with everything, the small touches, the cuddling, the sexy things, the gentleness, the babying, every single fucking thing. He was in love with Jung Yunho, not just his hands or his face or his abs or his perfect body, but everything.

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In a year when Korean music sales had slumped, it was the highest selling album in South Korea in and won the group several prominent awards in South Korea. By , it sold over , copies. The album’s name “O”-Jung. Hap , literally translated to “O”-Justice. Solution , is based on Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ‘s theory of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

The album’s mononymous lead single has lyrics that regard global conflicts with a plea for peace and resistance.

O” sometimes referred to as “O”-Union or just O, is the third Korean studio album “You Only Love”, Lee Yunjae, Lee Yunjae, “풍선 (Balloons)”, Lee Duheon, Kim Country, Date. South Korea, September 29,

Tags: jaejoong jyj tvxq yunho. A Celebration of 15 Yunjae Moments Credit- yunjae asianfanfics 1. Everything about MKMF08 I think everyone’s favorite part of this other than the hug , was that this wasn’t fanservice in the slightest. I’m pretty sure that if they had thought every single little thing they did would be filmed, they wouldn’t have spent almost the entire event whispering together intimately.

And yes, I do believe “intimately” is the exact correct term. Anything that didn’t involve chatting directly over poor Changmin was pretty much lips pressed directly up against the ear, cheek-to-cheek action. And then when they’re no longer sitting beside each other and Jaejoong brushes his fingers against Yunho’s cheek as he leans down to whisper to him It’s especially sweet when after that, Yunho pulls Jaejoong up to sit next to him– a further expression of needing to be closer.

In a way, having that closeness seemed to be the theme of the night. Even when Yunho slips off for some reason or another, Jaejoong notices his absence right away, follows him, and returns with him to their seats. Another favorite moment is when Yunho notices Jaejoong is cold and extends his hand to him. Jaejoong takes it, adjusts their fingers so they are clasping more comfortably, and after he lets go, brings the hand that had been holding Yunho’s to his lips, grinning all the while.

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Author : Jung Jin Rin. Cast : Yunjae, always. Rating : PG Disclaimer : Yunjae is belong to each other. If i can own them, i can be the happiest person in this world.

Title: Unwanted Love Pairing: Yunjae, MinJae Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance, Angst That he could date Yunho and Changmin at the same time? Really? Where is he?” Jaejoong could see a little disappointment on the other’s.

Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag. I want to hold your hand. Remember me? Kim Jaejoong. It was the only reason we liked the cold, so we could sit close together and talk about everything, our futures mostly.

I’m here.

Unwanted Love (Ch.12)

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If Yunho is dating Jaejoong, then they are dating. If YunJae is real and they love each other, do you really think Jaejoong is not proud of him?

I think that probably complicated things, and eventually contributed to the split, but that they were already headed that way anyway. And Jaejoong has been mingling a lot, lately. Do I think they never ever have a chance of getting together again? Of course not. I think they were good together, so I imagine that, with things becoming easier for them in the future, they could definitely have a second chance.

Siwon recently became comfortable with his sexuality.

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In fact, Yunjae has never laughed or shown any sign of emotion. After years of estrangement, mother and grandmother reconcile and manage to cobble together a modest living, running a secondhand bookstore from out of their tiny apartment. The musty bookstore, which Yunjae describes as quiet yet filled with the voices of different experiences, quickly becomes a place where he identifies with the feeling of comfort.

Then tragedy strikes. With the help of his kindly upstairs neighbor Dr. Shim and the lessons his mother has embedded in his memory, Yunjae tries to make his way alone in the world.

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yunjae is fake? when? ( real-fanfiction)

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Yunjae. The only OTP that is actually One True Pairing. Happy Anniversary Yunjae ♥. Jeans 相亲 – Blind Date (YunJae) (Completed) – 【Oneshot】Võng du.

Also see the lists of names of Korean or Indian Sanskrit origins. N is for number one, make sure to take care of yourself above all others. Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest. Darker blue on the map indicates that people in the country are more likely to search for this name.

Longer bars in the bar graph indicate that people in the country are more interested in the name. Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph. I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a female in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere around the territory of Arctic approximately on Your profession was entertainer, musician, poet, and temple-dancer. You were sane, practical person, materialist with no spiritual consciousness.

Your simple wisdom helped the weak and the poor. You should develop your talent for love, happiness and enthusiasm and to distribute these feelings to all people. Advanced Search.

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