The forums of popular webcomic xkcd have been hit by a data breach, exposing the details of more than , members. The breach is alleged to have been the result of a flaw in the open-source phpBB message board software. Following the disclosure, the forum’s administrators have taken the message board down in order to confirm their security. Affected users were also notified via email. It is unclear whether the vulnerability in phpBB, referenced by xkcd’s breach notification, was already patched or whether it was a previously undiscovered flaw. The records appear to mostly be hashed using the bCrypt algorithm, although some accounts are still encrypted via the older, less secure md5 encryption method. It has been suggested that these are old, unused accounts which pre-date the forum’s shift to bCrypt encryption.

A More Correct Horse Battery Staple

Generate a passphrase or test your password’s strength we don’t store or transmit these :. Because humans are terrible at creating secure passwords. The famous xkcd comic got it right: humans have been trained to use hard-to-remember passwords that are easy for computers to guess.

This is of course referring to the XKCD comic by Randall Munroe describing Now another approach to better passwords, perhaps, is to use pass phrases synchronization services to make sure each instance is up-to-date.

Contents Introduction Target Audience “Strong Passwords” or “Strength of a password generation process” Strong passwords “There is only the strength of a password generation process” So how should I choose passwords? Passwords are the most commonly used security tactic in computing, and are frequently used to protect sensitive information, such as your e-mail account, or your Ubuntu user account.

Choosing a strong password for any application, or service which may require one is extremely important. If the password you choose is based on common information such as a dictionary word, an attacker may use a so-called “dictionary attack” method of determining your password, and subsequently compromise the account, or data protected with that password. This guide demonstrates the generation of strong passwords with applications available to Ubuntu.

Such principles are beyond the scope of this guide, and the reader is requested to see the resources presented at the end of this guide for further information on passwords, and formal password policies. A strong password is defined as any password which meets the following criteria: At least fifteen 15 characters in length.

Does not contain your user name, real name, organization name, family member’s names or names of your pets. Does not contain your birth date. Does not contain a complete dictionary word. Is significantly different from your previous password.

Password Guidelines

The subject matter of the comic varies from statements on life and love to mathematical , programming , and scientific in-jokes. Some strips feature simple humor or pop-culture references. It has a cast of stick figures , [3] [4] and the comic occasionally features landscapes, graphs, charts , and intricate mathematical patterns such as fractals. Munroe has released four spinoff books from the comic.

The first book, chronologically, published in and entitled xkcd: volume 0 was a series of select comics from his website.

xkcd’s password generation scheme requires the user to have a list of common words (log2() = 11). For any attack we must assume that the attacker.

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936: Password Strength

As insecure as passwords generally are, they’re not going away anytime soon. Every year you have more and more passwords to deal with, and every year they get easier and easier to break. You need a strategy.

Launch date, September ; 14 years ago (). Genre(s), Comedy, Geek humor. xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in by American author Randall ArenaNet recommended that Guild Wars 2 users create passwords following the guidelines of the same comic. The Python Standard Library.

Thousands of usernames and email addresses were exposed in a Sunday data breach at the forum of popular web comic XKCD. The user forum for popular web comic XKCD was shut down this weekend after administrators were alerted to a security breach that quietly exposed members’ data. A message from forum administrators confirmed nearly , usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords and some IP addresses were stolen.

If you’re an echochamber. Forums were still offline Tuesday at the time of publication. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don’t show this again.

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Let it gather momentum. Here’s the XKCD comic strip post this is based on: I saw this password strength post on XKCD, which was posted on 10th August

Passwords are terrible. The usual requirements of a number, capital letter, or punctuation mark force users to create unmemorable passwords, leading to post-it notes; the techniques that were supposed to make passwords more secure actually make us less secure, and yes, there is an xkcd for it. Just imagine what a man from Nantucket will do to a battery staple.

In their paper, the researchers set out to create random, memorable bit passwords in an English word sequence. This produced the results you would expect from a webcomic. Works especially great when you have to log-in to some web-service from a computer at a friends house…. It makes it inconvenient to carry it around, so it really only works as a password manager if you are willing to carry that much crap around with you at all times.

You can kind of get the usecase they were optimizing for based on the fact that they sell a laser-cut stand for it. But the worst part for me is the software. There are a bunch of tiny decisions which drive me insane: 1 Literally unusable unless you use Chrome the browser. This makes it worthless for me. This one I understand the rationale behind it: it was really difficult to make a palatable UI experience on a tiny screen, so they made something which made the device easy to use.

I wanted something where I could carry around my passwords in my pocket and not have to worry about them getting lost, nor worry about leaving my encrypted passwords at rest on a big server somewhere.


Article updated to reflect the latest Best Practices: 23 July Passwords are still a mainstay of securing web application authentication systems. They can also be the source of many usability issues and productivity issues.

Contribute to caffeinewriter/Awesome-xkcd development by creating an account on GitHub. xkcd Password Generator – Generates a phrase using four random, common, English words. xkcd Password – Generate # Unique Date.

Your password is your first line of defense against unauthorized access to your accounts. Here are some tips for creating, managing, and protecting your passwords. To reset a password on a primary account, use the password reset tool. If you know your password and just want to change it, use the Change Password tool in the Member Tools. See the Password FAQ for more information. A long, simple password may be more secure than a short, complex password, while also being easier to remember.

The XKCD comic, while being funny, illustrates the point. To be effective it is important that the passphrase chosen does not contain natural language or, even worse, a phrase from a book or song no matter how obscure it is. This is very important. If you use the same password for multiple accounts, a password stolen from one site can be used to access the other accounts.

If you do not reuse passwords, you eliminate this risk. It is impossible to remember all of your unique passwords so you should use a password manager. While Sonic. Don’t forget to use an exceptionally strong master password!

The Holy War

I had a talk in and the person was saying passwords belonged to the past. Granted they’re not sexy. After all, that’s how to do password recovery anyway, so why not promoting password recovery to the normal login? Instead the last gov website I’ve used to declare my payroll employees takes the birth date as the default password. And so many others accept my mother’s maiden name as an authentifying proof. How did we get there?

Custom word list; Installing xkcdpass; Using xkcdpass; Useful command-lines with xkcdpass. Generating Strong “Strong Passwords” or “Strength of a password generation process” Does not contain your birth date.

This means you’re free to copy and share these comics but not to sell them. More details. Archive What If? A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. The comic illustrates the relative strength of passwords assuming basic knowledge of the system used to generate them. A set of boxes is used to indicate how many bits of entropy a section of the password provides. The comic is laid out with 6 panels arranged in a 3×2 grid. On each row, the first panel explains the breakdown of a password, the second panel shows how long it would take for a computer to guess, and the third panel provides an example scene showing someone trying to remember the password.

A line from each annotation indicates the word section the comment applies to.

[PATCH] Add support for XKCD-style wordlist passwords

By Jon Xavier. Despite recent advances in authentication technologies, traditional passwords are still the way users log into most services. Yet companies cannot afford to be complacent. We want put to rest some of the most persistent falsehoods about passwords and talk about what it takes to come up with strong passwords and practice good password security in Some of that might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s backed by facts and based on current best practices.

Aug 1, – “Password Reuse” from xkcd. Saved from collection of the absolutely funniest and overall best XKCD comics to date covering topics.

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You’ll always see comments on web forums, social sites, blog posts, and emails about “XKCD passwords”. This is of course referring to the XKCD comic by Randall Munroe describing what he thinks is the best password generator :. In fact, she studied to the point, that she gave a TED talk on the subject. The transcript of her talk can be found here.

Here are the relevant bits emphasis mine :. Now another approach to better passwords, perhaps, is to use pass phrases instead of passwords. So this was an xkcd cartoon from a couple of years ago, and the cartoonist suggests that we should all use pass phrases, and if you look at the second row of this cartoon, you can see the cartoonist is suggesting that the pass phrase “correct horse battery staple” would be a very strong pass phrase and something really easy to remember.

He says, in fact, you’ve already remembered it. And so we decided to do a research study to find out whether this was true or not. In fact, everybody who I talk to, who I mention I’m doing password research, they point out this cartoon. That xkcd. Correct horse battery staple. So in our study, we used Mechanical Turk again, and we had the computer pick the random words in the pass phrase. Now the reason we did this is that humans are not very good at picking random words.

How To Make A Super-Secure Password